Success Stories


I was encouraged by a friend to try the Havening Therapy offered by Sue after I felt overwhelmed and lost, inundated by stress and worries. I was diagnosed by my doctor with depression, stress and anxiety but didn’t want to take medication as a “quick fix”.  My “falling into a black hole” was triggered by my mother having a heart attack, which uncovered more and more doom and gloom within me, problems or experiences from years ago reared their ugly little heads and I felt like I couldn’t cope any longer…but somehow Sue managed to work through all of it with me. She was brilliant from the start, even though I was too scared to call her on the telephone she was patient and understanding and we communicated by text and email until I felt confident enough to book a session.

I was amazed by the effects of just one session- I felt much lighter and relieved. I was even able to start driving again, something which I hadn’t had the confidence to do in almost 9 years! I was simply reflecting on my session and I found myself having all sorts of realisations, one of which was that I had a fear of abandonment. We focused on that during my next session where we also tried Transpirational Havening to draw out all of my negative feelings and emotions.

Sue is always at the end of her phone, I could (and still can) text or email any time and she will always have time for me. She even sent me a book with compliments to help me continue growing and improving as a person. She has inspired me to be kind to myself, see the positives in life, and not worry about what others think of me. I’m becoming a better, more confident and happier person every day all thanks to Sue’s encouragement and guidance. I think everyone should try Havening, the benefits are endless!

“I really didn’t know what to expect, but I went in with an open mind because quite frankly, I couldn’t feel any worse than I already did. I had been plagued with distressing images and memories that made me feel physically sick and anxious.  Those images had been there for 28 years and were so graphic. My Dad was killed in very traumatic circumstances when I was 12, and following this, I was sexually abused by a family member. I know that the abuse would have never happened if my Dad had been there to protect me, and this is what made it so difficult to deal with. I  used to pray every night for him to help me. As I went into adulthood and had a child  of my own, I tried to put it all behind me. I didn’t want it to impact on my daughter’s  life. I could put it to the back of my mind, but the flashbacks and the images never went away. Last year, my abuser died. I didn’t know how I felt. I was happy that it was all over, but I was also so angry that I never got him brought to justice. The images became more prominent again. I was so angry that he had taken my innocence away and was never punished. At the same time, I was so relieved that he couldn’t think of me and what he used to do to me any more. This mixture of emotions became so strong, and again began to take over my happiness and peace. This is when I found Sue. She explained the Havening technique to me and was very kind and understanding. We spent some time talking about how the images and memories made me feel, and when I was ready, she asked me to get in touch with the feelings. The feelings were strong and the images so real right in front of me. So much so that I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. We began the technique and I immediately relaxed. Sue has a very natural ability of making you feel safe. It’s just a simple touch of the hands, upper arms and face. Before long, I was feeling so much better and could physically feel the weight being lifted from my shoulders. As the process went on, Sue asked me to get in touch with the feelings again – and each time, the image was further and further away until it eventually vanished completely. I could not believe it at first, and I even tried to concentrate on pulling the image and the feeling back, but I couldn’t. It has gone forever. Family, friends are work colleagues have noticed a change in me since that day. Some have asked if I’m in love because I’ve got a rosy glow! I am in love of course… with my life and the inner peace that I have found. Thank you Sue – I will always be grateful!”
“I have great pleasure in recommending Sue.  I am a 49 year old female who was suffering from stress and off work for three months.  I spent an afternoon with Sue, she is an extremely approachable and empathetic person.  From the first moment I met her I felt at ease and supported, we chatted in depth to gain knowledge of my situation and Sue managed to unearth the seat of my troubles.  Once this was established we used techniques to begin to manage and dissolve the problems.  Not long after this visit I felt confident enough to return to work, using the new positive skills I had learnt.  I look forward to my next meeting with Sue, she is constantly updating her skills and has some new ideas to try with me which I am excited about!”


“I sought the assistance of Sue in an attempt to overcome a severe phobia with daddy long legs, which for a couple of months of the year, literally ruined my life. My phobia was so serious, I could not go within 10 foot of a door if there was a daddy long legs any where near it and often found myself stood outside work or home, waiting for someone to come to my rescue.
Sue explained the process to me in full and it was so casual and relaxed, I wasn’t even aware that it had started, She gave me a few simple things to think of and she then focused on the emotions of them, rather than the ones evoked by the cause of my phobia. Never once was I forced to face my fear and Sue even explained that she didn’t even need to use the word (daddy long legs). After aprox 30 mins of what seemed like a relaxed chat, where I was fully aware of what was going on, I returned home and oddly came face to face with my fear, instead of running, sweating and struggling to breath, I casually swiped it away!  It truly was remarkable and I would recommend Sue and the form of “hypnosis” that she uses to anyone.”
“Thank you for the Havening session, the results have been quite dramatic. I immediately noticed how drained I felt after the session and it was odd that my hands were quite painful, but I now understand that this could be a “metaphorical” associated feeling! I have also been told that I have stopped talking in my sleep and that my sleep apnea has also stopped completely. Most significant is the fact that I feel like I am getting back to my old self and this was confirmed by a couple of my customers who actually commented on the fact that they saw a dramatic difference in my persona. I genuinely feel “lighter” and more in control of everything. I understand that I will no doubt benefit from a couple more sessions, as there are possibly underlying issues which over the years have imbedded themselves in my subconscious and I will have no reservations in booking further appointments with you whatsoever. Not only did I find the session liberating and not remotely invasive, but as stated above, the results have been somewhat impressive. Thank you so much for taking the time to see me and for making me feel comfortable from the onset.”
When I saw Sue and she suggested using the Havening techniques to help eliminate an image that had haunted me for over a decade, I felt I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a go.
I was somewhat apprehensive and dare I say a little sceptical of the process but at the same time willing to try it. Sue asked me a number of questions to check that I didn’t have any deep hidden fears that she needed to be aware of. The process took about 15 minutes and Sue asked me to find the image that had been bothering me for such a long time. The image had gone and when I try to retrieve it the first image I see is a neutral coloured blank space. It does appear ‘too good to be true’ but it works and I am astounded that it is possible to trick the mind in this way. Even when I really try to think about the image there is no clarity. Amazing! Aside from this process helping me to eliminate this nasty recurring image, I remained in high spirits for at least a week afterwards. This was endorsed by people close to me saying they wanted a ‘dose of what she gave me’ that day! Sue looks towards the future, rather than dwelling on the past and her positive energy is infectious.
I would recommend her services as a method of receiving a ‘feel good factor’ and rectifying underlying problems that she can help minimise or eradicate altogether.
Firstly – thank you so much for quite honestly completely changing my life. Sounds dramatic, but the fact I have enough resolve to actually type this to you during a thunderstorm speaks volumes. Before, I would be hiding as far away from the windows as possible, hyperventilating and hysterical. Now, after deploying a couple of the “anchors” you taught me and a little Havaning… I’m not only still in bed next to the window I have actually been able to watch a little of the storm. This is something I NEVER thought I would achieve and I can’t thank you enough!