About Me


I work with ordinary people like you, helping them to reclaim their lives, either by helping them to move on from past traumas and anxieties, turning down or even turning off old pain signals, intact anything that is hold people back from having a life they love.  I am at that life stage they call middle age (age is just a number!), which means I am perfectly placed to be able to help and understand you.  I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful setting of Old Portsmouth, overlooking the harbour, and I practice local to home.  Courses and consultations are also available in Southport and surrounding areas and globally by via Skype. I enjoy travel, driving, cooking and spending time with my loved ones.  I have worked in a healthcare setting for many years, predominately the Ambulance Service, and my passion lies with helping people.  I want to help YOU!

My Journey

About 5 years ago, I became ill.  It felt like it hit me like a bolt out of the blue.  Although looking back, it had been creeping up on me for some time.  There had been many episodes of fatigue and stress build-up over the years and there just came a time where something had to give.  That something was me.  The symptoms were like nothing I had ever experienced before.  Chronic pain, brain fog, difficulty concentrating and extreme exhaustion.  Just to name but a few of the debilitating symptoms.  The illness became the main focus of everything, so much so that it was really starting to impact on my family life.  I didn’t celebrate my 5oth birthday in the way that I wanted to, and I couldn’t go on holiday.  Everything revolved around my illness.  I tried all sorts of complementary treatments and was on a cocktail of prescribed drugs.  Nothing was working.  It was then that I heard about the revolutionary Phil Parker Lightning Process.  I ordered the book online and read it cover to cover on the day that it arrived.  It came at the most perfect time, because even the process of concentrating on a book sent me into a bout of exhaustion.  I physically ached from head to toe the next day.  But I knew that the Lightning Process was for me, and I have never looked back.  The book had sparked a passion.  I embarked on the Lightning Process and immediately started to feel better.  I not only got my life back, but it was better than before.  Having explored the world of NLP and Coaching, I discovered that it was something I could embark on helping other people to do.  Since training as an NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist I have also added more tools to my toolkit the Havening Techniques® and an OldPain2Go® two absolutley amazing therapies which have the capacity to work unbelievably quickly in certain situations.  I have ignited a real passion for exploring the mind body connection and the fascinating ever evolving subject of neuroscience.

I have worked in a healthcare setting for most of my working life so I feel very comfortable working with people on a personal level.

My Aim

I am a Master Practitioner of NLP, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Havening Techniques®  Practitioner and OldPain2Go® Practitioner. Ultimately, I want to help people like you.  If my story sounds familiar, you have come to the right place.  Are you ready to get rid of this overwhelm once and for all?  Whether you are experiencing debilitating illness, or you have suffered a traumatic life event, please do get in touch.  I am here for you and offer a free 20 minute telephone chat.